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When insurance brokers look out into the world they see two types of prospective customers. Each specific person fits into one of the two insurable categories. They can be either smokers or non-smokers.

Whether a person smokers daily or occasionally they can end up in the same insurance category. He will pay even more if he smokes more than 20 cigarettes each day. Often insurance rates for smokers can pay three times the cost non-smokers pay. Insurance companies assume that smoking greatly multiplies the risk of an untimely death.

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The financial fines of smoking extend far past the price of your cost to purchase cigarettes. In addition to the expense of a package of smokes every time he runs out, the cigarette smoker endures costly results in smoking cigarettes.

Homes and vehicles that retain the stench of cigarette smoke lose resale value. Smokers can also be penalized when shopping for a new home because insurance brokerages believe smokers are more likely to burn down the house.

Smokers will also pay more for health insurance, dry cleaning and annual teeth cleaning visits. All of these costs can add up quickly to wreak havoc on a  smoker’s budget.

It is not just that a smoker will pay an extra expense that reduces money, but being paid less, to begin with, can cause his bank account to undergo as well. A recent study showed that the average smokers earn up to 11 percent less than the average non-smokers. These results not only take into account time wasted on intermittent smoke breaks but also first impressions at work. Smokers may be perceived as less attractive and therefore handed by for careers.

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Insurance charges aren’t the sole money concerns smoker have to get worried about; however, it is of great concern and a big issue. A cigarette smoker is literally burning through his money. The nicotine fix can cost a company thousands of dollars more in insurance costs.

While saving cash on insurance premiums might not exactly persuade him to quit smoking, a smoker may not be aware of how much the behavior is actually priced at him. He might even lose his job. There have been several companies in the news recently who have fired employees who smoke simply because they pay more insurance for smokers than non-smokers.

It begs the question, is it worth the cost?

But, the high cost of smoking doesn’t invariably only affect the cigarette smoker himself. Documented studies show that People in the USA spend over 60 billion US dollars a year treating smoking-related illnesses. Women who choose to smoke during pregnancy cost the country another 3 billion dollars a year. It also causes the deaths of 2,500 unborn babies each year and ends up with low delivery weight and life-long issues in countless others.

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Fires establish by smokers who drift off or are usually careless with their habit, cost the government 500 million dollars annually. The real human cost is great, as fires started out by cigarettes take the lives of more than 2,000 people each year.

Smokers with group life insurance jack up monthly premiums for smokers in the same pool by 4 billion us dollars a year.

Smoking is the most prevalent cause of untimely death in the United States today. More than 400,000 people per annum pay with their money and their lives to light a cigarette.

Whether it be individuals life, depreciation of property, health factors or jacked-up life insurance rates, your choice to smoke cigarettes is costly.

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